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Season 4 · Interviews

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Interview: Teresa Torres of Product Talk

Teresa Torres helps digital product teams adopt continuous product discovery practices including a regular cadence of customer interviews, rapid prototyping, and assumption testing. She emphasizes strong critical thinking a strong connection between what the teams are learning in their research activities with the product decisions that they are making.

Mike Belsito interviews her today ...

Season 3 · Interviews

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Interview: Mamie Kanfer Stewart of Meeteor on how to do meetings better

Mamie Kanfer Stewart, founder of Meeteor, talks with us about how to do meetings better. It's not just about being productive, but about getting higher quality work done as a result of that meeting. We all spend hours a week in meetings, and there are some great takeaways in this episode to help us all be a little more productive.

Season 2 · Interviews

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Interview: Jay Chernikoff on Building Entrepreneurial Communities

Jay Chernikoff, founder of co-working space(s), DeskHub, talks with us about building entrepreneurial communities and changing the way even established, large organizations work. **If there's a DeskHub location in your city, mention this episode of the Rocketship Podcast for $100 off your first month.

Season 1 · Interviews

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Interview: Samuel Hulick of UserOnboard on User Onboarding: The Canary in the Coal Mine

Samuel Hulick, creator of UserOnboard and author of The Elements of User Onboarding, joins us a second time to discuss the aftermath of his first book release, lessons learned, and plans for the future. He also takes us through the most common misconceptions about onboarding, highlighting some of the folks in the industry who are really getting it right.

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