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Sponsoring the Podcast is a weekly podcast that attracts entrepreneurial listeners from around the world.

Supporting puts you in front of thousands of entrepreneurs, founders, Product Managers and startup employees each week. We currently receive 120,000+ downloads per month and average 15,000 per episode.

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Request our sponsorship deck, complete with current rates, download and persona stats. Our sponsorship deck makes it easy for your to share us with the rest of your team.

Ways to sponsor this podcast has three methods to sponsor the show. Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post Roll Ads. Pre-Roll ads run before the show when the listeners attention is at it’s peak. Each ad is 15 seconds long and can include either a branded message or an offer with a landing page.

Our Mid-Roll ads are 30-60 seconds long and run in the middle of the show in-between segments. We work with you to record an ad that reflects your brand and message, or simply provide your own ad. You can script it for us or give us creative control. Either way we make sure that your message reaches our audience.

Post-Roll ads run after the shows content and are genrally 15-30 seconds long and can include either a branded message or an offer with a landing page.

All ads are served by a dynamic ad server so you're able to purchase the exact number of impressions you'd like, and you're guaranteed to see them. No more guessing how many downloads future episodes might recieve.

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When you sponsor you’re making this content possible for tens of thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe. Get your message in front of thousands of entrepreneurs, startup junkies and c-suite executives who listen every week.

If you’d like to sponsor the show, write Michael at [email protected].

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