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Interview: Everette Taylor of GrowthHackers on going from homeless to Forbes 30 under 30

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Marketing executive and serial entrepreneur, Everette Taylor, talks to us about being homeless in high school to becoming one of the most sought after marketing minds in todays tech world.

When it comes to marketing, Everette Taylor knows his stuff. The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of PopSocial, co-founder of marketing community GrowthHackers, and the Chief Marketing Officer for the transportation startup Skurt.

His journey wasn’t always easy. At 17, Taylor, he was forced to live out of his car – which didn’t even run. Determined to rise above, he did some odd jobs for cash before enrolling at the only college he applied to: Virginia Tech. At 19, he started a small entertainment company that would arrange parties and social events.

Just a few years later, he befriended entrepreneur and investor Sean Ellis, who helped him break into the tech industry and partnered with him to launch GrowthHackers.

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