Close x · Season 10 · Episode 12 · April 22, 2021

Workplace Confessions with Lopa van der Mersch Founder & CEO of Rasa: "I stuff the complaint box" & "I'm not Steve Jobs"

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What do you do when your leadership team will only act when things are on fire? We have one of our favorite confessions from a PM who is only able to get done what they want to get done if they stuff the complaint box and wait for leadership to demand change. We also have a confession from a product manager who really thought they were Steve Jobs, until their CEO set the bar much higher than planned and the team was able to step up and execute to achieve the seemingly impossible - leaving this PM feeling like they may not be as ambitious as they thought. To help us answer these questions we brought on Lopa van dar Mersch, the Founder and CEO of Rasa.

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