Close x · Season 9 · Episode 4 · May 14, 2020

Product Journeys: Earth Class Mail

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Earth Class Mail was founded over 16 years ago with the ambitious mission of “taking over the post office of the world." They were one of the first startups to launch on national television with their own slickly produced 8 part TV series focused on their CEO Ron Wieners fund-raising journey. But the journey hasn't always been smooth, they company was acquired in 2014 through a Bankruptcy resolution and then again in 2016. Today the product and team appear stronger than ever, publicly reporting 20% growth in 2018.

We'll take you through their massive rise, eventual fall and a complete rebuild in a story that hasn’t yet been told in its entirety like we’re going to bring to you today. We've collected exclusive interviews with Ron Wiener himself, Venture Capitalist and eventual acquirer through Bankruptcy, Jonathan Segal and his appointed CEO Doug Breaker. Today we bring you the Product Journey of Earth Class Mail. 

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