Close x · Season 8 · Episode 2 · January 30, 2020

Product Failures: TurboTax

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It was November of 2014 and Brian Crofts was preparing for a meeting with two senior executives at Intuit. One was his boss, CeCe Morken, who ran Intuit’s Professional Tax (ProTax) business line, the $422 million business that sold tax preparation software to professional accountants. The other was Sasan Goodarzi, who ran Intuit’s $1.8 billion TurboTax business (TurboTax) that sold software to consumers. 

Crofts had devoted three years to a new product-- TurboTax PersonalPro -- that was a stepping stone in between these two business lines. The company’s leadership had decided it was an appropriate time for a major roll-out of the product and the purpose of the November meeting was to discuss and decide upon a go-to-market plan for PersonalPro. 

But not all launches create hockey stick growth. Find out what happened behind the scenes when Intuit rolled out TurboTax PersonalPro the led to its initial failure.


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