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Introducing Trail Weight

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We want to tell you about a new podcast called “Trail Weight,” a show for anyone looking to make a change in their life and maybe go on an adventure.

Starting on April 15th, “Trail Weight” follows host Andrew Steven on an ambitious, surprising, and transformative journey as he tries to get in shape for a month-long backpacking trip through Sierra Nevada Mountains. Through audio diaries, recordings from the trail, and conversations with authors, experts, Olympians, and more, Andrew takes listeners through an eye-opening adventure of self-discovery.

Hear how Alexi Pappas deals with Olympic expectations, how Dan Harmon’s story writing philosophy can change your life, and how environmentalism might be missing the mark.

Andrew has worked in podcasting for many years, both as a producer on some of your favorite shows, as well as co-creating and co-hosting the critically acclaimed “The History of Stand-Up” podcast. “Trail Weight” combines all his experience into one surprising story of hope and loss, comedy and wonder, life and death, and more. Guided by his conversations with Florence Williams, Dina Gilio-Whitaker, Brooks Wheelan, Dan White, Niall Bresling, and other surprise guests, Andrew helps us lose our way so we can find the path we were meant to hike.

You can listen to the start of this series right here, and be sure to check out new episodes every week on Apple Podcasts and everywhere you can listen to podcasts.

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