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Introducing Creative Elements

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After working with creatives for 10+ years, We know that earning a living from your art and creativity can be tough. 

That’s why we're such a fan of Jay Clouse and his show Creative Elements. Creative Elements is a highly produced narrative-interview show. Jay interviews high-profile, successful creators about how they built a business from their creativity. Think of it like “How I Built This” for digital creators.

And he talks to these creators about the aspects of their personality or approach that have served them well. Past episodes have featured one of my favorite authors, James Clear who wrote Atomic Habits, Etsy expert Morgan Nield, or marketing legend Seth Godin. 

On today’s episode, we want to share a really great episode with you, a conversation with Ali Abdaal who grew his YouTube channel to nearly two million subscribers while studying to become a doctor!

Subscribe, and listen to Creative Elements on Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts. You can also click the link directly in our show notes to visit the Creative Elements website. And today, enjoy this complete unabridged episode with Ali Abdaal all about boosting your efficiency.

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