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Release Date 1/15/15 Episode Length 24:07

How to Raise 'Smart' Money

with Thomas Schneider of Kxter

"Smart money is not something you can get from a crowdfunding website."
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Thomas Schneider, serial entrepreneur, investor and founder of Kxter, talks about his approach to helping entrepreneurs raise money from the right people for the right reasons. Thomas's resume includes building and selling a record label to Warner Music, working directly with Richard Branson on campaigns for Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Mobile and taking a windfarm company public. He's also the author of "Walking on Water : an Entrepreneurs Guidebook" which helps to teach entrerpreneurs how to raise money and build a successful business.

Thomas has generously offered a Rocketship discount: Sign up for Kxter today and get a free copy of his book "Walking on Water":

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Smart money is not something you can get from a crowdfunding website.
I don’t write business plans because after 5 minutes with an investor you may as well rewrite everything.
It’s okay to say I don’t know. No management team has all the answers.

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