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Release Date 11/20/14 Episode Length 24:51

Growing a Startup One City at a Time

with Stefan Martinovic of

"Everything in real estate is still done with a handshake and a contract."
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Stefan Martinovic, Co-Founder of, talks with us about automating the very time intensive, archaic process of pricing projects and estimating the economic outcome of real estate development projects. They took a manual process that previously took many weeks and could cost over $10k can now be done in minutes. He shares about how he’s been traveling the country to meet people face to face in order to get buy-in from a variety of stakeholders, city by city, to methodically grow the business. The human element is crucial in this industry, and they’re using that to their advantage.

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Everything in real estate is still done with a handshake and a contract.
We’re not trying to become a database, we’re trying to digitize a really archaic process.
We’ve learned that a picture’s worth a thousand words.

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