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Release Date 10/23/14 Episode Length 29:39

Hustling for Traction and Doing Things That Don't Scale

with Ian Heidt of HouseCall

"In our marketplace you have to go after the supply side first."
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Ian Heidt, Co-Founder and CEO of Housecall, talks about the extreme lengths they’ve gone to build early traction in their local market. From dressing up like elves and delivering Christmas trees, personally fulfilling services through the app, and giving back to the community, they represent the epitome of hustle. And through these processes, they’ve discovered the tactics that will help them massively scale.

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In our marketplace you have to go after the supply side first.
Can you identify a space where demand is unusually high, and be in a unique position to fill that demand?

Intro Music by Alex Koch of Digital Dust Studios

Outro Music by Jakwob — "No Place Like Home (feat. Rationale)"