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Release Date 10/16/14 Episode Length 27:11

Test Early, Test Often: The Power of Qualitative Data

with Leslie Bradshaw of Made by Many NY

"Fish where the fish are."
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Leslie Bradshaw, Managing Partner at Made by Many NY, talks about how they capture and use both qualitative and quantitative data to make key product decisions, like what features to build. She talks about finding insights in behavioral patterns, and using something as simple as a pencil and paper to prototype an idea. She also talks about developing yourself as a thought leader through content marketing to win bigger clients and higher-caliber work.

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Fish where the fish are.
I can’t overstate how important it is to test early, test often.
The best thing a startup can do in the early stages is qualitative research.

Intro Music by Alex Koch of Digital Dust Studios

Outro Music by Hannah Epperson — "Brother"