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Release Date 10/7/14 Episode Length 24:00

Three Principles of Success from a Killer Self-Funded Company

with Jeff Berg of Planning Center

"We have a 60% referral rate for new signups."
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Jeff Berg, Founder and Developer at Planning Center, talks about how he's grown his self-funded company to over 30 employees and over 3 million users across their suite of apps. He shares his 3 principles for success with us, and how he's able to maintain such an awesome culture and team as they continue to grow.

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We have a 60% referral rate for new signups.
We have 3 million users and only 5-6 support people.
Our company is built around 3 things: we love our team, our churches, our products.

Intro Music by Alex Koch of Digital Dust Studios

Outro Music by DJ Shadow — "The Organ Donor"