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Release Date 9/18/14 Episode Length 33:42

Retargeting Tactics That Unlocked $40,000 in Revenue

with Scott Nixon of Happy Herbivore

"For every dollar we spend on retargeting we make $3 - $5"
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Scott Nixon, Co-Founder and CTO of Happy Herbivore, talks about the incredible growth he and his wife have seen over the past few years. He dives deep into the strategies and benefits of retargeting, and shares some staggering numbers. If you haven’t experimented with retargeting before, you certainly will after this episode.

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For every dollar we spend on retargeting we make $3 - $5
Branding through multiple interactions and providing value = the best strategy for consistent sales

Intro Music by Alex Koch of Digital Dust Studios

Outro Music by Angel Haze — "New York"