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Release Date 9/4/14 Episode Length 22:15

How to Go Beyond Simple Execution and Go After a Huge Opportunity

with Josh Long of Simplecast

"The most important thing you can learn to do is to sell yourself."
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Josh Long, designer, writer, and creator of many awesome products, talks with us about his balance between multiple projects and income streams, and his passion for learning through all his different projects. He also shares both his excitement and concerns about moving forward with a single focus on one product, and aiming much bigger than he ever has in the past.

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The most important thing you can learn to do is to sell yourself.
Create something as original as possible that has a story. Create value for people. It’s business 101
You have no business if you can’t make sales.

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Outro Music by Arthur - Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment — "Wonderful Everyday"