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Release Date 11/3/15 Episode Length 37:00

Entrepreneurship for Couples

with Thomas Knoll of Knoll Consulting

"We didn’t know we were preparing the last 10 years for this."
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Thomas Knoll, serial entrepreneur and personal advisor, talks with us about his new venture, Knoll Consulting. He teamed up with his wife, a licensed psychotherapist to create a 6-week course designed to help entrepreneurs and their partners find a variety of new ways of communicating more effectively with one another (including things like practicing fights before they happen)! There's a special discount for Rocketship listeners - use code: ROCKETSHIP at checkout and get $100 off the course price.

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We didn’t know we were preparing the last 10 years for this.
It’s more and more common for people to start companies without any management or communication experience.

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