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Release Date 9/3/15 Episode Length 24:04

Getting off the Ground Without a Designer

with Jane Portman of UI Breakfast

"Style is only a part of design."
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Jane Portman, creator of UI Breakfast and author of The UI Audit, talked with us about common mistakes founders make when they approach design and feature integration with their app. She knows most early-stage and bootstrapped companies can’t afford a dedicated UI designer up front, so she teaches some basic principles for making sure you keep things simple and effective for your core users.

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Style is only a part of design.
Approach the UI of your app from the standpoint of your customer.
You need to understand the core goal your customer signed up to receive.

Intro Music by Alex Koch of Digital Dust Studios

Outro Music by UNKLE and Thom Yorke — "Rabbit in Your Headlights"