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Release Date 8/27/15 Episode Length 34:05

Building a Truly Authentic Business

with Cynthia Jamin of Twirly Girl

"In order to be authentic you can’t look like everybody else."
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Cynthia Jamin, Founder of TwirlyGirl, talked with us about the very personal reasons for starting the business. She shares how she’s remained true to her purpose at every step along the way, even when it went against the grain of what everyone else said was “right”. She proves time and time again that staying authentic to your vision and your brand will never steer you wrong.

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In order to be authentic you can’t look like everybody else.
I don’t follow trends - this comes from a greater purpose for me.
I keep proving time and again that I keep breaking the rules and it keeps working for me.

Intro Music by Alex Koch of Digital Dust Studios

Outro Music by JUMPSWIM — "Fall Out of Love w/ Ninna Lundberg"