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Release Date 4/1/14 Episode Length 24:25

Quitting a 6-Figure Job to Bootstrap a Startup

with Tawheed Kader of Tout App

"It takes three years to get to an overnight success."
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TK, founder of ToutApp, talks about leaving his six figure job to pursue his startup dream, and how he kept trying to build the wrong product—even when the right one was staring him in the face. He also talks about the long, slow road of SaaS, and his transition from bootstrapped to funded.

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It takes three years to get to an overnight success.
@37signals was a huge inspiration for me - they were all about teaching others, so we did.
Every year there’s a new class of freshmen...If you can teach them something, you’ll win.

Intro Music by Alex Koch of Digital Dust Studios

Outro Music by DJ Pronto (feat Katherin Deboer) — "Four Tet vs DJ Vadim"