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Building a pricing model that works (SaaS Ep 2)

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In the second episode of our SaaS series, we discuss the ever evolving topic of SaaS pricing. Now we know it happens recurring, monthly or yearly generally, but how do you determine the value of your product and what metric or features do you based your billing plans on. These can be a source of frustration for SaaS founders everywhere BUT we've put together seven questions you can ask yourself that will help you determine the right billing model for you - plus we interview some founders on how their business model has evolved over the years (no one gets it right the first time).

Featuring interviews with Clay Collins of Lead Pages, Kyle Poyar of OpenView Ventures and Ed Shelly of ChartMogul (who recently acquired Drip).

We'd also like to welcome Mike Belsito ( as a new contributor to!

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